In the “Internet world” can find a myriad of Web pages with different themes, and in relation to water I have managed to connect with a highly interesting, I want to share with the readers of my website, confident that they will achieve a lot of information valuable on the efforts made by individuals, organizations, institutions and researchers to better understand the uses and care that must and should be taken with water for proper use of the resource, which in my view is the most important on the planet.

In the United Mexican States, it has the following WEB pages cover topics of interest related to water, starting with the regulations at the federal level institution which is the National Water Commission, whose address is: http: //www.cna.

It contains a section called “Water Culture”, where you can find the following topics of interest:


Another page that also belongs to the Federal Government is the Mexican Institute of Water Technology, with address:

On page is a children’s section with three games related to water and care, especially the “Learn and have fun with water” presents experiments that not only the children, help us better understand some physical phenomena of the water.

It also presents among other things, the “Network IMTA sites”

Where you have the “Presentation of the journal Technology and Water Sciences” with scientific articles, ” Atl El Portal water from Mexico” with sections like ‘Water’, ‘Education’ and ‘E-Media’, the latter with sections such as: Digital Libraries; Videos of water; Radio Planet Water; Water Music; Water.

It also has a section “Products” where you can buy via the Internet a series of publications relating to:



  • Water management
  • Climate change
  • Conflicts over water
  • Water culture
  • Hydraulics
  • Hydrology
  • Irrigation and drainage
  • Soil and water
  • Treatment and quality
  • Uses of water

And also has a section “Products in line” with publications and videos, such as:

Publications online

  • Water and Technology
  • Water and Science
  • Water management
  • Water and Culture

Online Videos

  • Water, lake, our life
  • Water disinfection with ultraviolet light or UV-t
  • Laguna Miramar: depth research
  • Wetlands in Mexico, heritage ignored
  • Spots to save water
  • Water on Earth

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