The use of social networks to sell property

The use of social networks to sell property

The use of social networks to sell property

Social networks have not only revolutionized society have also changed the way of understanding business.And for the real estate professional today represent a powerful marketing tool to improve the prospects and develop sales strategies and optimize the performance of the service offered.

Today, more and more real estate agents who ask how they can take advantage of social networks, how to participate, how to converse. Therefore we present the most important to understand the operation and penetration which can have social web in the real estate market points.

As part of its activity, the real estate consultant must listen to their customers, understand their needs and provide solutions. Through their training, experience and common sense, to keep you informed, communicate any circumstance, submit reports, provide suggestions, ideas.

If that activity took her to the world of social networks not only customers but with other professional colleagues, experts in similar materials and various contacts, the property consultant will be participating in social media using new terms and tools, adapting to changes and acting in the same way as in real life.

But what social networks are the right place to advertise real estate? Do not forget that to place ads in various types of properties (houses, apartments, businesses, land, industrial buildings, etc.) there are many specialized websites, such as cubic meters. The advantage of social networks is that they allow people to participate, comment, share.

However, not be excluded that the estate does not undertake to advertise properties, but to offer their services to sell real estate. The personal brand is an element that should take.

Is it possible to sell a property in Twitter or Facebook?

It sounds crazy but it is not. Twitter is a means of communication which is accessible to users of all kinds, among which can be found an interested in a property are promoting.

The new cyber age is not a fad, it is a way of enhancing relationships with customers, suppliers and professional contacts.

Hence the importance of reading articles and reviews, but also interact, respond and launch own opinions. This is how it takes advantage of the Internet and social networks.

Interact with customers through new technologies implies a transformation of cyber culture. For many people is a major effort to adapt to these new forms of communication, but it is a necessary way.

The importance Profile

We talked so much personal profile as a company, which shows the summary information that defines us face to other users. In this society where there is no time to carefully read the texts on a screen should be short, concise, explicit. We have a few seconds to convince the potential customer before they leave our site.

It is important to spend time on how we present from our homepages, how we convey our message in a few seconds, how to raise the interest of users to consult for our services.

The most relevant social networks


It is the largest community of “friends”. Its growth factor has been the ease create your own page to share content, invite contacts to your network of friends and simple but attractive tools that develop inside and outside of Facebook itself.

In addition you can have separate but connected your personal identity and professional. Similarly you can create a Group, a forum where you can offer to answer queries of your customers or where you can share ideas with other professionals.

The important thing is to be active and participate in your own pages and groups, but also in others. One of the most interesting services from a professional point of view is events that transmits timely information about conferences, lectures, seminars, courses that may be of interest to both colleagues and customers. They can launch prior to its realization notices and once the event has occurred, upload photos, videos, add new calls, links, comments from the audience, and so on.

How to use to improve the real estate business

1.  If you have Facebook, encourage your customers and contacts to add you as a friend or join one of your pages or groups (to your network). It includes links to your profile on your website, and even business cards.

2.  Create a group for your customers, such as “home buyers in a certain place” to help those who face their first home purchase, answering their questions. Show your professionalism and become the expert group and the area to which you refer.

3.  Create a Group for your professional contacts to maintain frequent communication with them, in which event information sharing.

4.  Share information on the properties you manage with both customers and employees of other real estate agencies. Place links to detailed information on your own site or blog. Similarly, other real estate share with you their property portfolio.

5.  There are tools engaging content from other sites, which allows updates automatically , every time you publish an article on your blog, when you write on Twitter, when you upload a video to Youtube and so on .

6. It  is a great way to keep in one place the information on your online activity and reach more users. The presence in social networks will become increasingly important for small businesses, especially for sectors so dependent on networking such as real estate.


1.  For many people no sense expressed in 140 characters, however , can be an excellent tool to create a community of users. More and more real estate agents use it to build communities of friends and collaborators for your business.

2. It  is easy to find people with common interests. A good reason for real estate use Twitter is to create a community of agents in a given area, to find people who otherwise had not known was that participants cross updated on new properties available, customer inquiries information.

3.  Is the social web of real estate advisers, where participation and uninhibited and respectful debate is encouraged, knowledge and experience sharing, and facilitates the use of technology to create a community of professional collaboration. Participation is open to any professional who wants to convey your concerns or comment on the ideas of others.

Other social networks

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Xing:  Try to become a one social networking tools, offering forums, groups, job search, and so on .

Linkedin: It  is the professional social network par excellence, which can be described in detail your training and professional experience, and which clearly distinguishes from which each of your contacts.

In the United States there are social webs especially targeting estate agents as Inman News, which has become a benchmark in technological information for the sector.

ActiveRain:  is a site where you have to be present to learn the latest trends in real estate.

How to start?

• Register with your own name or the brand of your company, you can add recognizable data such as the name of your city and “real estate”.

• Take time to detail your profile and e try to customize the page, at least add your photo or company logo.

• Add links to your website or blog.

• Follow other users you know or search for terms that you are interesting.

• Participate commenting news, contributing questions and ideas, responding to other comments.

Tips to take advantage of Facebook in real estate sales

1.  The more friends, the better. Make as many “friends”. Any publication you do on your wall will also appear on the wall of your friends. Remember that the “friends” are not necessarily people you meet, so you can send friend requests to people recommending the same social network. If you have “friends” in common will be more likely to accept your invitation.

2.  Create a profile for your business: The business pages are different than personal. Usually this term is confusing and most people end up creating a personal account with the company name. This is not bad, but the benefits that business pages offer not used.

To create a business page, you must first have a personal account on Facebook. Once you’ve created your account, go to and follow the simple steps. Once you have your business page, you can comment and upload photos independently from your personal account.

Business pages can be an easy and cost to start or improve your presence on the Internet. The way to connect is no longer through friends, but fans. You can even if you already have a website, add a button “Like” on your home page and enable people to take part of your network.

3.  Profile Information. Complete your profile with your activities and professional services, as well as a biography and professional studies data provides greater confidence as a sales consultant. In addition you can use to include contact details such as phone, email, photos of the company or a promotion you have. In addition, all information can be indexed by search engines like Google and Yahoo.

4.  Share your properties avoiding tag friends. A mistake made ​​by novice real estate professionals is to publish photos of the properties they offer and tag all your friends. Definitely, some have no problems with it the first time they do, but it will become annoying if you abuse this technique and could cause a negative result. You could even reduce the number of “friends” without realizing it.

It is advisable to upload photos of properties in an organized manner in albums, either in your business or personal page if you are an independent consultant. In the photos it includes a comment on this property.architectural details, furniture, kitchen design, an area in which it is located, etc. It describes something that arouses interest and not only “3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a half. $ 1,000,000 pesos. ”

5.  Share content of interest, do not just upload only photos of buildings. Share a link on an article you found interesting or some news. Lose the fear of talking about your activities, share if you will attend a congress related to the housing market.

A unexploited practice is to take pictures at the time of handing over the keys of the new house to one of your customers and “upload”. There is no better advertising than the image of a happy and satisfied with your purchase customer support, and sales consultant shaking his hand. You’ll get several “Like” in your photo, but most will generate confidence and presence.

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