The 10 best sites of tax and accounting according Alexa Rank

The 10 best sites of tax and accounting according Alexa Rank


Until VAT tax hike in food does not much processed was on everyone ‘s lips, but how do you know where to find information? Below I present 10 websites with more traffic from MYOB Bookkeeper Brisbane.

While surfing the Internet, I found a study quite interesting that publishes The Economist from comScore and that tells us what the main websites are busiest. Among them was quite curious to find the page Taxes, a page dedicated to explaining what happens with taxes in Mexico, and I doubt arose, how many tax sites have in Mexico? For that reason, I gave myself the task of investigating what the main sites with the most traffic, and for the task I have relied on the tool Alexa, since it measures the relevance of the sites by their traffic and not by reference, because what we want is to see who are more visits.

I have discarded the page itself SAT as this does not speak of taxes, but the fulfillment of obligations and publications that gives the Federal Government, because in this case the idea is to find those pages outside the government and are purely startup. This is the list:

Site Website Alexa Rank World Alexa Rank Mexico
1 taxes                            63.675                             1,591
2 Cash counter                          166.766                             3,143
3 IDC Online                          208.875                             5,163
4 the Conta                          218.070                             6,646
5 I’m Conta                          237.316                             5,377
6 Todoconta                          365.579                          10,851
7 AC Anafinet                          709.578                          11,456
8                          774.553                          20,083
9 ContadoresBC                          824.687                          19,019
10 Chamlaty                          977.306                          18.399

Interpretation of the Alexa list of blogs tax

As expected, the page Taxes is who else is positioned within tax and accounting based on traffic, followed by Contador Cash and IDC Online . A list quite interesting considering that Taxes are among the most visited pages digital native nationally and within this sector, we see that these are next in the list.

The World Alexa Rank signifies the importance of the web globally, while Alexa Rank Mexico refers only to the importance of the country; ie, the level of traffic that each of the pages both globally and nationally.

In the case of IDC Online, it is that it is a page of pay, unlike others that are free. Already you know any of these pages? Who do you trust the information? Do you feel that someone else is missing? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

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