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How to create training organization and become a trainer?

When specializing in a particular area, provide training is a great way to expand its business and its turnover. A few months after the creation of our training organization NLP Training , I propose to share with you the steps to become a trainer or training organization. Let’s go…

Before moving to the practical side, remember the main advantage of becoming training organization , either individually or for your business. When you get a number of business, your customers may obtain aid to finance training through their Account Personal training (or CPF) . The CPF is a worthy successor of the DIF and allows everyone to train throughout his career. Thus, if the training is supported, your client will pay only part of the training, the rest will be funded by the OPCA to which it is attached. From the time you offer quality training, so it’s pretty easy to sell your training to your existing customers or prospects since the cost after care is limited.

Attention, it’s easy enough to create a training organization and become a trainer, creation should not be taken lightly . Indeed, as an organization of training you will be subject to a number of rules that it will comply on pain of having numerous fines for control. We will see at the end of this article. Before that start with the creative processes of an organization.

Create a training organization

To officially become a trainer, you have to report you to the DIRECCTE (Regional Directorate of Enterprises, Competition, Consumption, Labour and Employment … Yes I know it’s long). This declaration must be made on your first training given or at the latest within the next three months it.

You will have to provide the following documents:

  1. The notification form of activity of a training provider ( Downloadable here )
  2. A Siren number allocation proof that you are entrepreneur or company classic.
  3. A bulletin No. 3 of your criminal record of less than 3 months ( application online here )
  4. The list of trainers and their resumes that they are integrated to your business or subcontractors ( a template is present on this page )
  5. A first training contract, is called vocational training agreement if you give training to a corporation or the training contract if your client is an individual (the models are on the same page as the model list of trainers, see the previous link)
  6. The copy of the given training program.

Once you have in your possession all these elements, you can build your training organization created folder.

To do this, go online to your activity statement on the official portal of e-filing.

The approach is very simple, the main challenge will be to find a first customer. Indeed, when a person or company you applied training, that his application is accepted, the organization must necessarily be approved.However, during a first training, you do not have your number of activities. It’s a bit the snake biting its tail, but once you’ve crossed that hurdle, nothing complicated. The simplest being to training to a family member or a trusted client to complete the file.

Once the approach made there-has a time limit of thirty days. With very few exceptions, almost all of organism creation requests are accepted. As against the 30-day deadline is rarely required. From our side there-had roughly two months before our official business number.

Note that it is possible not to be subject to VAT. An application must be made, I’ll let you find out about this out can be interesting if you are targeting individual customers.

Training organization created: what next?

Once you are officially a training organization, you are subject to a number of obligations. Generally when DIRECCTE send you your number, day information is available. A tip, go ahead . Even if it makes you lose a day, you will have all the legal information obligations and to do things properly.

Among these obligations, we will note, for example:

  1. The delivery of a number of documents to your customers:
    1. Before training:
      1. An agreement for training or a training contract as appropriate (business or individual).Warning for individuals, the rules are stricter in particular concerning the deadlines for withdrawal, remember to inquire.
      2. The laws of your training organization.
    2. During training:
      1. The signing of a document signing sheets for each of the people trained and for trainers.
    3. After training:
      1. A certificate of completion of training.
      2. A certificate of attendance.
    4. If you outsource training to a trainer (always approved of course), a sub-contract must also be established.

Know that in case of control, if one of these requirements is not met, you can have a fine (about 3,000 € per breach and cumulative if several items are not respected).

For each training you give, remember to keep all of these documents and make you a summary table for the head amounts to declare each year.

Indeed, in April, you must declare your activity through the educational and financial balance sheet. Nothing complicated, but that should not be forgotten. L’Express published an interesting article about it , where you can find more information about the educational and financial balance sheet and other information related to creation of a body of training.

You can also find additional information on the website

To conclude

Despite the administrative, create a training organization may be interesting to develop its sales and diversify its offering. Incidentally, if you are looking for a professional training in areas related to web marketing, I invite you to explore our training offer at  !

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