probably one of the best sites for DJs the world probably one of the best sites for DJs the world probably one of the best sites for DJs the world has become during this 2015 in one of the reference websites for DJs, the American portal is a Record Pool with thousands of songs available to their paying subscribers, but which in turn has an incredible 100% free to blog collected from reviews of products, to new great songs of different musical styles through publication of interviews with known DJs and producers or rising DJs multiple routines to their hyperactivechannel on Youtube .

record Pool

A record pool is a site where thousands of songs specially focused on the DJ, with intros, transitions or exclusive remixes so that it easier to click your favorite music DJ offered.

This unlimited access to music of different styles logically implies a cost, in the case of is $ 90 every 3 months. A high price but is partially offset by the large volume of music that manages, yes, mostly focused on the Anglo-Saxon world. Forget find lots of issues typical Hispanic styles such as reggaeton, Latin music (salsa, merengue, bachata, etc.) or the hottest songs in the lists of Spanish or Latin American successes issues. record pool

blog very intelligently, use your blog to attract new partners to its service Record Pool.

The blog is free but not low quality, contains spectacular routines DJs of all kinds (especially turntablism) and is updated almost daily. In fact many of the routines we published in are taken directly from because that is where almost always published for the first time.

Needless to say, the better themes you can download if you are a paid subscriber’ll always find the blog as a cueing. If you like the new styles like mobile dj Melbourne, EDM, Trap, Moombah, etc .., this would be a place you should visit necessarily daily. blog

A very active channel on Youtube

Best of is the great community that has created about the world of djing, so much so that it is arare week that does not publish a video on his Youtube channel sent by one of its members, showing incredible tricks and techniques that are watched carefully by other DJs.

It is also quite normal which they are customarily be the first to publish reviews of recently introduced products, competing in this respect with the almighty , the great dominator of reviews of products for DJs worldwide. youtube

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