Health on the Web: Finding Reliable Information

Health on the Web: Finding Reliable Information

“Must see to believe.” This is an old saying that applies very well to the health information you find on the World Wide Web sites. The Web can be a valuable resource when you want to learn about a specific disease or health-related condition. You can also find tips on how to stay healthy. But among the millions of Web sites that offer information related to health, there are many who have myths and half-truths as facts.

To avoid unreliable health information when looking up information on the Web, ask yourself the following questions:

Where did this information?

Any Web site that provides health-related information must mention the source of this information was extracted. Look if you find answers to the following questions:

  • Who wrote this information? Note that many Web sites related to health information that comes from other sources. If the person or organization that manages the Web site did not write this information, the original source should be clearly stated.
  • If not a professional in the area of ​​health who write the information, it was reviewed by a doctor or other medical expert?
  • If the information contains any statistics, do the numbers come from a reliable source of information?
  • Is there anything on this website that seems to express the opinion of someone more than a fact? If so, this opinion comes from a person or a qualified organization?


The information you find on a Web site does not replace the advice your doctor gives you. Your doctor is the best person to answer the questions you have about your personal health. If you read something on a Web site that does not match what your doctor has told you, ask your doctor about this.

How current is this information?

The health-related information is constantly changing. For example, researchers are continually learning new things about various diseases and their treatments. You should know if the health-related information you are reading is current. Many Web pages put the date when the page was revised or updated for the last time. You can usually find this date at the end of the page. If this date is not included, check to see if the page has a line indicating copyright. This tells you the original date when information was written. If the page you are reading has not been reviewed in the previous year, look for information that was most recently updated.

Who is responsible for the content of this website

Before you believe any health-related information you find on the network, find out who is responsible for the information contained in this site. The easiest way to do this is to look at the home page of the site. If the home page does not tell you who publishes the site, look for a link that says “About Us” or “About this site”. Often, this link is at the bottom of the home page.Click on the link usually will take you to a page indicating which person or organization is responsible for the information contained in the site.

Web sites published by an organization. The Web sites related to health may be released by the US Government. UU.(.gov), a non-profit (.org) or by a school or university (.edu), learn more at Flexcin Facebook.These sites can be the most reliable sources of health information since they usually do not receive support from non-profit companies such as pharmaceutical companies or insurance companies. Anyway, you still have to determine where these sites get their information.

Web sites with addresses ending in .com can represent a specific company or published by a company that uses the Web to sell products or services. These are called commercial sites. Commercial sites can provide useful and accurate information. However, suddenly you should be more careful in believing the information you read on these sites. Information can not be objective and accurate if the company pays for this site can benefit from this information. It’s a good idea to verify the information you read on commercial websites.

Web sites published by an individual. The Web sites published by individuals can offer support and advice on how to deal with certain conditions and treatments. These sites may contain reliable and useful information. However, it is very important to verify the health – related information you see on a Web site published by an individual. While many of these sites contain good information some may contain myths or rumors.



How to create training organization and become a trainer?

When specializing in a particular area, provide training is a great way to expand its business and its turnover. A few months after the creation of our training organization NLP Training , I propose to share with you the steps to become a trainer or training organization. Let’s go…

Before moving to the practical side, remember the main advantage of becoming training organization , either individually or for your business. When you get a number of business, your customers may obtain aid to finance training through their Account Personal training (or CPF) . The CPF is a worthy successor of the DIF and allows everyone to train throughout his career. Thus, if the training is supported, your client will pay only part of the training, the rest will be funded by the OPCA to which it is attached. From the time you offer quality training, so it’s pretty easy to sell your training to your existing customers or prospects since the cost after care is limited.

Attention, it’s easy enough to create a training organization and become a trainer, creation should not be taken lightly . Indeed, as an organization of training you will be subject to a number of rules that it will comply on pain of having numerous fines for control. We will see at the end of this article. Before that start with the creative processes of an organization.

Create a training organization

To officially become a trainer, you have to report you to the DIRECCTE (Regional Directorate of Enterprises, Competition, Consumption, Labour and Employment … Yes I know it’s long). This declaration must be made on your first training given or at the latest within the next three months it.

You will have to provide the following documents:

  1. The notification form of activity of a training provider ( Downloadable here )
  2. A Siren number allocation proof that you are entrepreneur or company classic.
  3. A bulletin No. 3 of your criminal record of less than 3 months ( application online here )
  4. The list of trainers and their resumes that they are integrated to your business or subcontractors ( a template is present on this page )
  5. A first training contract, is called vocational training agreement if you give training to a corporation or the training contract if your client is an individual (the models are on the same page as the model list of trainers, see the previous link)
  6. The copy of the given training program.

Once you have in your possession all these elements, you can build your training organization created folder.

To do this, go online to your activity statement on the official portal of e-filing.

The approach is very simple, the main challenge will be to find a first customer. Indeed, when a person or company you applied training, that his application is accepted, the organization must necessarily be approved.However, during a first training, you do not have your number of activities. It’s a bit the snake biting its tail, but once you’ve crossed that hurdle, nothing complicated. The simplest being to training to a family member or a trusted client to complete the file.

Once the approach made there-has a time limit of thirty days. With very few exceptions, almost all of organism creation requests are accepted. As against the 30-day deadline is rarely required. From our side there-had roughly two months before our official business number.

Note that it is possible not to be subject to VAT. An application must be made, I’ll let you find out about this out can be interesting if you are targeting individual customers.

Training organization created: what next?

Once you are officially a training organization, you are subject to a number of obligations. Generally when DIRECCTE send you your number, day information is available. A tip, go ahead . Even if it makes you lose a day, you will have all the legal information obligations and to do things properly.

Among these obligations, we will note, for example:

  1. The delivery of a number of documents to your customers:
    1. Before training:
      1. An agreement for training or a training contract as appropriate (business or individual).Warning for individuals, the rules are stricter in particular concerning the deadlines for withdrawal, remember to inquire.
      2. The laws of your training organization.
    2. During training:
      1. The signing of a document signing sheets for each of the people trained and for trainers.
    3. After training:
      1. A certificate of completion of training.
      2. A certificate of attendance.
    4. If you outsource training to a trainer (always approved of course), a sub-contract must also be established.

Know that in case of control, if one of these requirements is not met, you can have a fine (about 3,000 € per breach and cumulative if several items are not respected).

For each training you give, remember to keep all of these documents and make you a summary table for the head amounts to declare each year.

Indeed, in April, you must declare your activity through the educational and financial balance sheet. Nothing complicated, but that should not be forgotten. L’Express published an interesting article about it , where you can find more information about the educational and financial balance sheet and other information related to creation of a body of training.

You can also find additional information on the website

To conclude

Despite the administrative, create a training organization may be interesting to develop its sales and diversify its offering. Incidentally, if you are looking for a professional training in areas related to web marketing, I invite you to explore our training offer at  !…

The use of social networks to sell property

The use of social networks to sell property

The use of social networks to sell property

Social networks have not only revolutionized society have also changed the way of understanding business.And for the real estate professional today represent a powerful marketing tool to improve the prospects and develop sales strategies and optimize the performance of the service offered.

Today, more and more real estate agents who ask how they can take advantage of social networks, how to participate, how to converse. Therefore we present the most important to understand the operation and penetration which can have social web in the real estate market points.

As part of its activity, the real estate consultant must listen to their customers, understand their needs and provide solutions. Through their training, experience and common sense, to keep you informed, communicate any circumstance, submit reports, provide suggestions, ideas.

If that activity took her to the world of social networks not only customers but with other professional colleagues, experts in similar materials and various contacts, the property consultant will be participating in social media using new terms and tools, adapting to changes and acting in the same way as in real life.

But what social networks are the right place to advertise real estate? Do not forget that to place ads in various types of properties (houses, apartments, businesses, land, industrial buildings, etc.) there are many specialized websites, such as cubic meters. The advantage of social networks is that they allow people to participate, comment, share.

However, not be excluded that the estate does not undertake to advertise properties, but to offer their services to sell real estate. The personal brand is an element that should take.

Is it possible to sell a property in Twitter or Facebook?

It sounds crazy but it is not. Twitter is a means of communication which is accessible to users of all kinds, among which can be found an interested in a property are promoting.

The new cyber age is not a fad, it is a way of enhancing relationships with customers, suppliers and professional contacts.

Hence the importance of reading articles and reviews, but also interact, respond and launch own opinions. This is how it takes advantage of the Internet and social networks.

Interact with customers through new technologies implies a transformation of cyber culture. For many people is a major effort to adapt to these new forms of communication, but it is a necessary way.

The importance Profile

We talked so much personal profile as a company, which shows the summary information that defines us face to other users. In this society where there is no time to carefully read the texts on a screen should be short, concise, explicit. We have a few seconds to convince the potential customer before they leave our site.

It is important to spend time on how we present from our homepages, how we convey our message in a few seconds, how to raise the interest of users to consult for our services.

The most relevant social networks


It is the largest community of “friends”. Its growth factor has been the ease create your own page to share content, invite contacts to your network of friends and simple but attractive tools that develop inside and outside of Facebook itself.

In addition you can have separate but connected your personal identity and professional. Similarly you can create a Group, a forum where you can offer to answer queries of your customers or where you can share ideas with other professionals.

The important thing is to be active and participate in your own pages and groups, but also in others. One of the most interesting services from a professional point of view is events that transmits timely information about conferences, lectures, seminars, courses that may be of interest to both colleagues and customers. They can launch prior to its realization notices and once the event has occurred, upload photos, videos, add new calls, links, comments from the audience, and so on.

How to use to improve the real estate business

1.  If you have Facebook, encourage your customers and contacts to add you as a friend or join one of your pages or groups (to your network). It includes links to your profile on your website, and even business cards.

2.  Create a group for your customers, such as “home buyers in a certain place” to help those who face their first home purchase, answering their questions. Show your professionalism and become the expert group and the area to which you refer.

3.  Create a Group for your professional contacts to maintain frequent communication with them, in which event information sharing.

4.  Share information on the properties you manage with both customers and employees of other real estate agencies. Place links to detailed information on your own site or blog. Similarly, other real estate share with you their property portfolio.

5.  There are tools engaging content from other sites, which allows updates automatically , every time you publish an article on your blog, when you write on Twitter, when you upload a video to Youtube and so on .

6. It  is a great way to keep in one place the information on your online activity and reach more users. The presence in social networks will become increasingly important for small businesses, especially for sectors so dependent on networking such as real estate.


1.  For many people no sense expressed in 140 characters, however , can be an excellent tool to create a community of users. More and more real estate agents use it to build communities of friends and collaborators for your business.

2. It  is easy to find people with common interests. A good reason for real estate use Twitter is to create a community of agents in a given area, to find people who otherwise had not known was that participants cross updated on new properties available, customer inquiries information.

3.  Is the social web of real estate advisers, where participation and uninhibited and respectful debate is encouraged, knowledge and experience sharing, and facilitates the use of technology to create a community of professional collaboration. Participation is open to any professional who wants to convey your concerns or comment on the ideas of others.

Other social networks

ac repair florence scThe easiest way to buy or sell your home

Xing:  Try to become a one social networking tools, offering forums, groups, job search, and so on .

Linkedin: It  is the professional social network par excellence, which can be described in detail your training and professional experience, and which clearly distinguishes from which each of your contacts.

In the United States there are social webs especially targeting estate agents as Inman News, which has become a benchmark in technological information for the sector.

ActiveRain:  is a site where you have to be present to learn the latest trends in real estate.

How to start?

• Register with your own name or the brand of your company, you can add recognizable data such as the name of your city and “real estate”.

• Take time to detail your profile and e try to customize the page, at least add your photo or company logo.

• Add links to your website or blog.

• Follow other users you know or search for terms that you are interesting.

• Participate commenting news, contributing questions and ideas, responding to other comments.

Tips to take advantage of Facebook in real estate sales

1.  The more friends, the better. Make as many “friends”. Any publication you do on your wall will also appear on the wall of your friends. Remember that the “friends” are not necessarily people you meet, so you can send friend requests to people recommending the same social network. If you have “friends” in common will be more likely to accept your invitation.

2.  Create a profile for your business: The business pages are different than personal. Usually this term is confusing and most people end up creating a personal account with the company name. This is not bad, but the benefits that business pages offer not used.

To create a business page, you must first have a personal account on Facebook. Once you’ve created your account, go to and follow the simple steps. Once you have your business page, you can comment and upload photos independently from your personal account.

Business pages can be an easy and cost to start or improve your presence on the Internet. The way to connect is no longer through friends, but fans. You can even if you already have a website, add a button “Like” on your home page and enable people to take part of your network.

3.  Profile Information. Complete your profile with your activities and professional services, as well as a biography and professional studies data provides greater confidence as a sales consultant. In addition you can use to include contact details such as phone, email, photos of the company or a promotion you have. In addition, all information can be indexed by search engines like Google and Yahoo.

4.  Share your properties avoiding tag friends. A mistake made ​​by novice real estate professionals is to publish photos of the properties they offer and tag all your friends. Definitely, some have no problems with it the first time they do, but it will become annoying if you abuse this technique and could cause a negative result. You could even reduce the number of “friends” without realizing it.

It is advisable to upload photos of properties in an organized manner in albums, either in your business or personal page if you are an independent consultant. In the photos it includes a comment on this property.architectural details, furniture, kitchen design, an area in which it is located, etc. It describes something that arouses interest and not only “3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a half. $ 1,000,000 pesos. ”

5.  Share content of interest, do not just upload only photos of buildings. Share a link on an article you found interesting or some news. Lose the fear of talking about your activities, share if you will attend a congress related to the housing market.

A unexploited practice is to take pictures at the time of handing over the keys of the new house to one of your customers and “upload”. There is no better advertising than the image of a happy and satisfied with your purchase customer support, and sales consultant shaking his hand. You’ll get several “Like” in your photo, but most will generate confidence and presence.… probably one of the best sites for DJs the world probably one of the best sites for DJs the world probably one of the best sites for DJs the world has become during this 2015 in one of the reference websites for DJs, the American portal is a Record Pool with thousands of songs available to their paying subscribers, but which in turn has an incredible 100% free to blog collected from reviews of products, to new great songs of different musical styles through publication of interviews with known DJs and producers or rising DJs multiple routines to their hyperactivechannel on Youtube .

record Pool

A record pool is a site where thousands of songs specially focused on the DJ, with intros, transitions or exclusive remixes so that it easier to click your favorite music DJ offered.

This unlimited access to music of different styles logically implies a cost, in the case of is $ 90 every 3 months. A high price but is partially offset by the large volume of music that manages, yes, mostly focused on the Anglo-Saxon world. Forget find lots of issues typical Hispanic styles such as reggaeton, Latin music (salsa, merengue, bachata, etc.) or the hottest songs in the lists of Spanish or Latin American successes issues. record pool

blog very intelligently, use your blog to attract new partners to its service Record Pool.

The blog is free but not low quality, contains spectacular routines DJs of all kinds (especially turntablism) and is updated almost daily. In fact many of the routines we published in are taken directly from because that is where almost always published for the first time.

Needless to say, the better themes you can download if you are a paid subscriber’ll always find the blog as a cueing. If you like the new styles like mobile dj Melbourne, EDM, Trap, Moombah, etc .., this would be a place you should visit necessarily daily. blog

A very active channel on Youtube

Best of is the great community that has created about the world of djing, so much so that it is arare week that does not publish a video on his Youtube channel sent by one of its members, showing incredible tricks and techniques that are watched carefully by other DJs.

It is also quite normal which they are customarily be the first to publish reviews of recently introduced products, competing in this respect with the almighty , the great dominator of reviews of products for DJs worldwide. youtube

5 Legal sites to watch movies online free

5 Legal sites to watch movies online free

When we want to see a movie at home usually tend to ask how to “download” and make it available (in many cases although not legal), but you have to know that there are legal sites to watch movies online for free; then we will see what are the best places and how can we enjoy that movie online .

legal sites for movies

Search on the internet about “how to download free movies” we shed alarming results, and this may seem good for users, however there is a real problem and potential to be punished because there are agencies responsible for investigating these websites and users who access to content protected by copyright. To stay out of trouble is better to go to the variety of films that are for legal online and free .

free movies online

Oddly they do exist movies online free or public domain , this because the copyright has expired or because the owner simply made ​​available to the public the material. Some of these places:

  • Movie25
  • YouTube Movies
  • Open Culture
  • Crackle

Live TV broadcasts

There are television networks that transmit all its programming via the Internet , in these cases you can watch for free movies and series. Some channels available to find these transmissions are:

  • Filmon
  • Mytvonline

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Payment options for online movies

But if we get the latest movies can also choose payment options, here are some of the most popular:

  • Netflix
  • google Play
  • iTunes

As we can see there are very good alternatives to see our best content online and free. Have you used these services? Let us know what you perish.…



In the “Internet world” can find a myriad of Web pages with different themes, and in relation to water I have managed to connect with a highly interesting, I want to share with the readers of my website, confident that they will achieve a lot of information valuable on the efforts made by individuals, organizations, institutions and researchers to better understand the uses and care that must and should be taken with water for proper use of the resource, which in my view is the most important on the planet.

In the United Mexican States, it has the following WEB pages cover topics of interest related to water, starting with the regulations at the federal level institution which is the National Water Commission, whose address is: http: //www.cna.

It contains a section called “Water Culture”, where you can find the following topics of interest:


Another page that also belongs to the Federal Government is the Mexican Institute of Water Technology, with address:

On page is a children’s section with three games related to water and care, especially the “Learn and have fun with water” presents experiments that not only the children, help us better understand some physical phenomena of the water.

It also presents among other things, the “Network IMTA sites”

Where you have the “Presentation of the journal Technology and Water Sciences” with scientific articles, ” Atl El Portal water from Mexico” with sections like ‘Water’, ‘Education’ and ‘E-Media’, the latter with sections such as: Digital Libraries; Videos of water; Radio Planet Water; Water Music; Water.

It also has a section “Products” where you can buy via the Internet a series of publications relating to:



  • Water management
  • Climate change
  • Conflicts over water
  • Water culture
  • Hydraulics
  • Hydrology
  • Irrigation and drainage
  • Soil and water
  • Treatment and quality
  • Uses of water

And also has a section “Products in line” with publications and videos, such as:

Publications online

  • Water and Technology
  • Water and Science
  • Water management
  • Water and Culture

Online Videos

  • Water, lake, our life
  • Water disinfection with ultraviolet light or UV-t
  • Laguna Miramar: depth research
  • Wetlands in Mexico, heritage ignored
  • Spots to save water
  • Water on Earth

The 10 best sites of tax and accounting according Alexa Rank

The 10 best sites of tax and accounting according Alexa Rank


Until VAT tax hike in food does not much processed was on everyone ‘s lips, but how do you know where to find information? Below I present 10 websites with more traffic from MYOB Bookkeeper Brisbane.

While surfing the Internet, I found a study quite interesting that publishes The Economist from comScore and that tells us what the main websites are busiest. Among them was quite curious to find the page Taxes, a page dedicated to explaining what happens with taxes in Mexico, and I doubt arose, how many tax sites have in Mexico? For that reason, I gave myself the task of investigating what the main sites with the most traffic, and for the task I have relied on the tool Alexa, since it measures the relevance of the sites by their traffic and not by reference, because what we want is to see who are more visits.

I have discarded the page itself SAT as this does not speak of taxes, but the fulfillment of obligations and publications that gives the Federal Government, because in this case the idea is to find those pages outside the government and are purely startup. This is the list:

Site Website Alexa Rank World Alexa Rank Mexico
1 taxes                            63.675                             1,591
2 Cash counter                          166.766                             3,143
3 IDC Online                          208.875                             5,163
4 the Conta                          218.070                             6,646
5 I’m Conta                          237.316                             5,377
6 Todoconta                          365.579                          10,851
7 AC Anafinet                          709.578                          11,456
8                          774.553                          20,083
9 ContadoresBC                          824.687                          19,019
10 Chamlaty                          977.306                          18.399

Interpretation of the Alexa list of blogs tax

As expected, the page Taxes is who else is positioned within tax and accounting based on traffic, followed by Contador Cash and IDC Online . A list quite interesting considering that Taxes are among the most visited pages digital native nationally and within this sector, we see that these are next in the list.

The World Alexa Rank signifies the importance of the web globally, while Alexa Rank Mexico refers only to the importance of the country; ie, the level of traffic that each of the pages both globally and nationally.

In the case of IDC Online, it is that it is a page of pay, unlike others that are free. Already you know any of these pages? Who do you trust the information? Do you feel that someone else is missing? Leave your suggestions in the comments.…

Eating for Two: special web site for pregnant

Eating for Two: special web site for pregnant

Eating for Two: special web site for pregnant 1

During pregnancy is varied support a woman may get to enjoy both quiet of such a beautiful and tender period. For example, several inventions which are useful for a pregnant, such as Pregnancy Music Belt, ob nyc, etc.. but there are some websites that help a pregnant, such as the so – called “Eating for Two”.

We are sure that when you meet the special website we want to talk about You will be surprised a lot! And it is that it meets a very special service: it is designed for pregnant women, as well as for the couple, ie men, a woman who is a little in her womb; it turns out that the website offers all kinds of recipes of dishes that you crave Only pregnant! And we are all aware that during pregnancy a woman you crave thousands of foreign dishes, which often do not know how toprepare them . On the website “Eating for Two” you will find many different recipes of special dishes that often antojarse a pregnant woman, and best of all , it provides detailed information on what ingredients are needed to prepare the dish and a list of the steps to follow to create the recipe.  

This special website has been created by two advertisers who were interested in the strangest cravings that are pregnant, and wanted to present practical and easy to follow recipes to prepare these dishes and thus satisfy pregnant.You can find recipes like Oreo cookies with toothpaste, among many other really striking so strange they are, but often actually presented as cravings for a pregnant.

If you have interested in what you have told about “Eating for Two” not waste time and enter right now to this website and see on your own all special recipes offered by the site.

And you, you already know this special website offering recipes that often antojarse a pregnant? What have you had cravings during pregnancy?…