5 Legal sites to watch movies online free

5 Legal sites to watch movies online free

When we want to see a movie at home usually tend to ask how to “download” and make it available (in many cases although not legal), but you have to know that there are legal sites to watch movies online for free; then we will see what are the best places and how can we enjoy that movie online .

legal sites for movies

Search on the internet about “how to download free movies” we shed alarming results, and this may seem good for users, however there is a real problem and potential to be punished because there are agencies responsible for investigating these websites and users who access to content protected by copyright. To stay out of trouble is better to go to the variety of films that are for legal online and free .

free movies online

Oddly they do exist movies online free or public domain , this because the copyright has expired or because the owner simply made ​​available to the public the material. Some of these places:

  • Movie25
  • YouTube Movies
  • Open Culture
  • Crackle
  • http://www.project-free-tv.to

Live TV broadcasts

There are television networks that transmit all its programming via the Internet , in these cases you can watch for free movies and series. Some channels available to find these transmissions are:

  • Filmon
  • Mytvonline

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Payment options for online movies

But if we get the latest movies can also choose payment options, here are some of the most popular:

  • Netflix
  • google Play
  • iTunes

As we can see there are very good alternatives to see our best content online and free. Have you used these services? Let us know what you perish.

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